Earth Matters for Kids

A companion website to the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art's Earth Matters exhibition. The purpose of the site was to document a joint U.S./Gabon K-12 tree banding project.

A component of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art’s Earth Matters exhibition involved a joint United States/Gabon Republic tree banding project involving K-12 students in both countries. Students in the U.S. were to begin banding trees and making measurements in late 2013, with students from Gabon picking up the project in early 2014. During the course of the project they would share their experiences with each other online.

This site was created to both document and highlight the results of the tree banding project. Since internet access in Gabon is not as robust as here in the United States, it was built with a “mobile first” philosophy in mind. The site is responsive and used minimal graphics in order to load quickly over cellular networks and navigation has been kept to a minimum.

The project originally included a back-end discussion forum, but it was decided that a solution provided the best options for management, long-term maintenance, and security. The project is still awaiting its first update.



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