National Museum of African Art Website Redesign

A fully responsive, mobile-friendly conversion of the National Museum of African Art's (NMAfA) website from static HTML to a WordPress-based content management system.

I was tasked with developing a complete redesign of the NMAfA website, with an emphasis on providing a robust mobile experience. The site was built using WordPress and Canvas, by WooThemes.

My workflow in building with Canvas is to avoid most of the customizations offered by the WooFramework and stick with the CSS in my child theme. That prevents Canvas from inserting large chunks of CSS in my site’s and generally making my code look messy.

Most of the site’s content is going to be maintained by the NMAfA’s webmaster, but their Chief of Press needed a place to post press-related materials. To avoid commingling press posts with other content I created a custom post type just for Press Releases, effectively preventing posts from being posted in the wrong place.

NMAfA Mockup



National Museum of African Art